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Roe hand­bags, en­vi­si­oned by Mer­ve & Bey­za KA­RA­CA, are ins­pi­red by ico­nic, con­tem­po­rary and ec­cent­ric de­signs. Un­ders­tan­ding the va­lue of exp­res­sing one­’s self th­ro­ugh sty­le, the sis­ter duo re­ali­zed the em­po­wer­ment of ti­me­less pi­eces and the energy of the de­signs that spark pas­si­on.

The form of Roe hand­bags cap­tu­res the di­vi­ne fe­mi­ni­nity and com­bi­nes it with vib­rant fab­rics and me­ti­cu­lo­us craft­mans­hip. Each hand­bag, ela­bo­ra­tely de­sig­ned and made with ex­cel­lent pre­ci­si­on, is the pro­duct of a be­lo­ved le­gacy, ta­ilo­red with a mo­dern pers­pec­ti­ve. The im­mor­tal spi­rit of the hand­bags ca­re­fully craf­ted to cap­tu­re each era of fas­hi­on, is what dis­tin­gu­is­hes Roe from the or­di­nary. Roe em­bo­di­es the soul by emb­ra­cing the fe­elings, tho­ughts and be­li­efs of each ti­me­less wo­man.

Each Roe hand­bag car­ri­es an exqu­isi­te tas­te and a spi­rit ref­lec­ting the es­sen­ce of wo­men.

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